A Beautiful Thursday Ahead

What a beautiful morning it is out there!  It’s a little chilly, but it’s going to warm up pretty quickly today as we’ll see an abundance of sunshine.  I’m going out to Linville Land Harbor today for the first time, so I’m pretty happy to get to check it out in such nice weather.

High pressure remains in control of our weather today.  There’s really not too much to say about today’s weather, other than it’s going to be sunny and fairly warm.  Highs will be in the mid to even upper 60’s for some spots.  Get outside and enjoy it if you can!

Unfortunately, we’ll start to see the effects of an approaching cold front tomorrow.  In fact, clouds will begin to arrive overnight tonight and will continue to increase as the day goes on tomorrow.  Showers and thunderstorms begin late tomorrow, lasting through Saturday night.  Thunderstorms will mostly be confined to Friday night and into the first part of Saturday.  Rainfall amounts will be in the 1-2″ range and strong winds are expected.

The good news is that once this system clears out, Sunday through the middle of next week looks to be very pleasant.  High pressure regains control meaning we’ll stay dry and temperatures will be above normal.  Golf anyone? 

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