A Dreary Start to the Week NC 4-15-13

An area of low pressure to our south will keep the chance of some scattered showers in play today.  Cloud cover persists and temps will be on the cool side.  It’s not the best start to the work week.

Light precip continues overnight and will be accompanied by fog in a lot of locations in the morning.  We should see things begin to dry out by noon and we could even see some sunshine in the afternoon tomorrow.  It’s also going to be much warmer than today.

A west to east oriented front will stall to our north late Tuesday and linger a bit.  With moist, southerly wind flow ahead of it, clouds, fog, and scattered showers are expected Wednesday and into the first part of Thursday.  A thunderstorm or two isn’t out of the question.  The afternoon should see a break in the clouds as the front lifts to the north.

Friday sees the passage of another cold front.  Thunderstorms are a good bet and precip will last into the overnight hours.  It’s pretty much going to be a washout.

High pressure returns for the weekend but it is going to be very cool, dare I say chilly.  At this time, it’s looking like we could see a frost on Sunday morning.

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