A Stretch of Calm Before Interesting Things Next Week NC 11-8-13

Next week looks…interesting.  First things first though…

High pressure is centered to our west today.  This is allowing for colder air to our north to filiter into the region.  Today will be on the brisk side even with abundant sunshine.  Overnight lows tonight will dip below freezing.

Saturday though Monday will see a 3 day stretch of some very pleasant weather.  Temps will be on the cool side though, but there will be plenty of sunshine to go around.  There's not really much to say other than that.

There is low confidence in the forecast for Tuesday through Friday of next week.  The only certainty is that it will be cold as Canadian high pressure will move into the US and situate itself to our west.  The front will move through Tuesday and once it does, we should see rain change to snow showers at night.

Here's where two scenarios develop.  The most trusted weather model shows a very cold airmass getting pinched off and sticking around for a few days.  It also shows a coastal low forming.  This would give us more snow and temps would be very chilly for Wednesday through Friday.  This solution is an outlier right now though.

Most other models shows a quicker progression of the cold air and far less snow.  It will be colder Wednesday through Friday with this solution, but not near as cold as the other potential scenario.

Things will undoubtedly change over the weekend, but we should have a better idea of what's going to happen come Monday.  Either way, we should see a little bit of snow at the least and temperatures that are cold enough for snowmaking at the ski areas.

Enjoy the pleasant weather over the next few days!

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