Cloudy with Cooler Temps Today

Well, yesterday ended up being dry for the most part.  All of the showers associated with the cold front fizzled out before they reached us.  That same cold front has now moved to our south, positioning itself over the upstates of Georgia and South Carolina where it will be stalled through tomorrow.  We should stay dry today and temperatures will be slightly cooler than in recent days, but still comfortable. 

High pressure is going to work it’s way into New England overnight, wedging itself down the east coast tomorrow.  This is going to put us in a convergence zone, as cooler winds from the northeast will meet up with warmer, moister air from the southeast.  The warmer air will overrun the colder air and we’ll see widespread showers tomorrow as a result.  Temperatures will remain fairly chilly, with highs struggling to reach the low 50’s.

The stalled front to our south will lift to the north as a warm front Friday night.  Saturday will start out with some clouds an isolated light shower or two.  By midday though we’ll see the return of sunshine and warmer temperature.  Sunday through Tuesday look very nice, featuring blue skies and temperatures in the 70’s.   

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