Colder Weather on the Way NC 12-19-12

Sunshine and mild temperatures today will give way to cold, rain, and snow on Thursday and Friday.  A cold front will cross through tomorrow evening.  Ahead of it, we’ll see cloudy skies and widespread showers across the region thoughout the day tomorrow.  It’s going to be a pretty crummy day.

As soon as that front passes through, temperatures begin to plummet.  A changeover to snow will occur Thursday night and snow showers will continue into Friday.  High temps for the final day of the work week will be shockingly cold and a good 25-30 degrees colder than today.  Combined with strong winds and it’s going to feel even colder.  Old Man Winter is arriving with a vengeance!

Snowfall totals with this system don’t look that impressive.  The usual favored locations could see a few inches and the lower elevations might get an inch.  The big story with this system is the bitter cold and strong winds.

The weekend sees improving conditions as high pressure returns.  Cooler temperatures will remain even with an abundance of sunshine.  It’s going to be rather nice and it will actually feel like December.

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