Cool and Damp

Wow, I am loving this cooler weather!  This summer has been way too hot and muggy for me.  My roommate was talking about how cold it was last night.  I thought it felt great.  Bring on Fall!

A cold front moved through the region yesterday afternoon.  Behind it, we are seeing some very cool temperatures this morning.  Lows on some of the mountaintops were in the 30’s.  Most locations got down into the 40’s last night.  Temperatures today won’t warm up too much as highs will only get into the low 50’s at most locations.

Behind the front, a cool air wedging pattern is setting up as an area of high pressure moves into New England.  Clockwise wind flow around the high runs into the Appalachians and gets funneled down south here into our area.  The entering air is rather moist, meaning the next few days will be cool and damp.  The weekend is definitely not a washout, as any precipitation we see will likely only be a light drizzle.  However, we also won’t see a lot of sunshine either.  It’s not going to be the most ideal weekend in terms of the weather unfortunately.  Good thing football is back!   

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