Decent Weather Ahead NC 5-1-13

High pressure stretches from New England down the eastern US.  This is going to make for a pretty nice day outside once the cloudy skies this morning give way to intervals of sunshine in the afternoon.

A disturbance off the coast will throw moisture inland and create the chance of scattered showers overnight and into the first half of tomorrow.  Precip should end by lunchtime for the most part but the clouds will stay.  Temps will be a few degrees cooler than today.

Friday through the first half of Sunday sees a stalemate between an omega block in the eastern US and a cutoff low over the central portion of the country.  Weak cold air damming will keep temps cooler than normal, but not THAT cool.  Cloudy skies look to dominate and a stray shower is possible Saturday and precip is a good bet for Sunday afternoon.

Past Sunday, there is a high amount of uncertainty in the forecast.  There is discrepancy in the models.  Right now, cloudy skies and a slight chance of showers each day is the forecast.

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