Early Summer

I’m starting to learn how crazy weather in the High Country can be.  Last week at this time, it was cold and rainy and temperatures barely got to 50 degrees.  Fast forward only a week and we’ve seen a complete transition as the weather is more remiscent of late summer than mid-May. 

A line of storms moved through the area yesterday evening, producing heavy rain and even hail in some areas.  I was driving back from Charlottesville, Virginia last night and got caught right in the middle of it.  It was pretty intense at times.  The next three or four days will be a repeat of yesterday.  Southerly wind flow associated with high pressure will usher in very warm and moist air into the region.  In addition, a couple of upper level disturbances will act to enhance the instability at the surface.  As a result, we’ll see high temperatures topping out at around 80 degrees and a chance of late afternoon thunderstorms each day.  It will be noticeably humid as well.  There will be lots of sun during the day but you’ll notice the puffy clouds out there which are an indication of convection.

A cold front will begin to approach the region on Thursday.  Unsettled weather associated with it will last into the weekend.

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