Historic Storm in the Making WV 10-29-12

It’s finally here! Frankenstorm has arrived and the effects are already being felt across the region.  Conditions are already deteriorating and we are in a Blizzard Warning.  Over the next few days, Hurricane Sandy will make landfall in New Jersey and move inland over Pennsylvania, combining with a cold front and upper level system to produce record snowfall for this time of year.  Snowfall totals between now and Wednesday look to be measured in feet and the heavy snowfall combined with the high winds will create whiteout conditions at times.

Thursday and Friday sees snowfall chances stick around but conditions will begin to improve as Sandy lifts off to the north.  Temperatures remain on the chilly side though.

The weekend sees much improved conditions as we should see sunshine return.  Temperatures moderate nicely.

Stay safe everyone! It’s going to be a crazy few days.

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