Mild Weather Ahead NC 11-30-12

The next several days will see a stretch of mild weather as high pressure is going to dominate through Tuesday.  Today is going to be rather nice and it should make for a fun opening day at App Ski Mountain and Beech Mountain.  The weekend sees an influx of moisture so increased cloud cover can be expected Saturday and Sunday, but there will still be a decent amount of sunshine.

Scattered cloud cover and mild temps persist Monday.  Tuesday sees an increase of clouds ahead of our next cold front which will move through during the overnight hours.  Nighttime showers continue into Wednesday morning, but it looks like this front won’t bring us enough precipitation to help put a dent in the deficit we’re currently in.

While cooler weather follows this frontal passage, it won’t be terribly cold.  Hopefully the open ski areas can hold on with the snow that they currently have because it doesn’t look like they will be able to make anymore for awhile. 

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