Mild, Wet Weather This Week

A weak low pressure system is off the coast today.  That would be the reason for the cloud cover this morning.  Those clouds will stick around throughout the day but we should stay dry from here on out.

Southerly wind flow will bring about milder temps on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  It'll also create an influx of moisture and help to produce a lot of clouds as well as scattered light rain each day.

Rain chances will pick up Thursday night ahead of our next cold front, which is looking like it'll move through Friday morning.  Friday isn't looking too great right now as rain and clouds will persist.

We could see some leftover showers in the morning on Saturday, but those should taper off by midday.  The clouds will stick around all day though.  The more important part of the forecast is the return of colder temps.  It's not going to be nearly as cold as the blast last week, but it'll be much chillier than the temps we see this week.

Sunday looks like a mess right now, both in terms of the weather conditions and the difficulty in forecasting it.  It's still a long ways off but it looks like we could be looking at a textbook CAD event.  In other words, ice, freezing rain, sleet, and snow all look possible right now.

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