More Great Weather!

What an absolutely perfect week it has been weather wise.  While I’m ready for cold and snow, I have really been loving these sunny afternoons and warm temps.  Tennis up at Seven Devils has been great.  It looks like more of the same is in store for the weekend.

A HUGE area of high pressure remains in control of the entire eastern portion of the country.  If you look at the surface map, you’ll see that literally half of the country is under this ridge.  This is making for some awesome weather up and down the entire east coast.  This will continue through the weekend, so get outside if you can!

A low pressure system will form over Florida early next week, tracking north and into our region by Tuesday and Wednesday.  This system will have a lot of moisture with it, so it looks like we’ll see some rainfall accompanying it.  I guess this perfect weather can’t last forever.  Enjoy your weekend!

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