More Summeresque Weather for the High Country NC 5-31-12

Today is the final day of the meteorological spring.  The official start to summer isn't for a few weeks but Mother Nature has decided to get a jump start on things this week as we've been experiencing weather more remiscent of July and August.  After the cooler than normal spring, I don't think anyone is complaining!

A Bermuda high centered over the western Atlantic continues to extend over much of the eastern US.  Friday and Saturday will see continued unseasonably warm conditions and lots of sunshine.  A slight chance of afternoon storms does exist, but the keyword there is slight.

A cold front that has been wreaking havoc in the central portion of the country over the past few days will finally move east this weekend and push through the High Country Sunday night/early Monday morning.  Showers and thunderstorms will prevail on Sunday ahead of the front and will continue into Monday.  Precip should taper off during the latter half of Monday as the front moves off to our east.

High pressure and pleasant weather returns for Tuesday and Wednesday.  However, temps will be a few degrees below what they were this week.

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