Sandy Sandy Sandy WV 10-26-12

Today is the final day of a week long run of unseasonably nice weather. It will be a distant memory in a few days as we’re going to go from weather remiscent of July straight to conditions more like January.

Today will be pretty decent once again but it will be somewhat cooler than in recent days. Scattered clouds are already present this morning and they will generally stick around all day as a STRONG cold front is advancing closer to the region.  Cloud cover thickens as the day wears on. 

The front will move through late tonight/early tomorrow and showers are expected Saturday. The front won’t progress far to our east so Saturday night and Sunday sees continued showers but temperatures will begin to plummet as colder air filters into the region. Temperatures will be a good 20-25 degrees colder than earlier this week. Winds from the northwest will be strong as well which will make it feel even colder.

As I’ve been talking about all week, Sunday night and Monday is when things get interesting. Hurricane Sandy is currently over the Bahamas. It’s going to parallel the southeastern US coast over the next few days and will be off the Outer Banks by early Monday. From here, we know it’s going to interact with the cold front but where is the question. The two main weather models, the Euro and the GFS, have two different solutions for what happens. The GFS has Sandy staying further north and making landfall near NYC on Tuesday. The Euro has it turning inland sooner and making landfall near the Virginia/Delaware border on Monday. It’s going to be shockingly cold and windy Monday-Wednesday regardless, but snowfall amounts drastically differ depending on which depiction is correct. If it follows the Euro’s route, we’ll see more snow. If it stays further north like the GFS shows, we’ll see less in the way of accumulation.  Stay tuned.

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