See How Much Snow a Ski Area Can Make in 24 hours at Wisp Resort!

We are often telling you guys about just how amazing our Southeastern and mid-Atlantic ski resort snowmaking crews are. They are literally second-to-none in being able to go from bare ground to skiable terrain in no time.

A few years back I had the pleasure of going behind-the-scenes and witnessing the snowmaking system at Wisp Resort in Maryland and I can attest to the fact that the Garrett County, Maryland ski area’s power-plant and automated system is state of the art and it has served as the model that ski areas around the world have emulated.

Last season our Kenny Griffin setup a capture to provide you guys with an awesome timelapse of just how Wisp Resort and others can turn a mountain “ON” in just one night and we were able to do that again as Wisp cranked up the snowmaking system on Thursday.

Check out both videos below to see how impressive these guys are at creating an amazing playground for all of us to enjoy!

This is the timelapse from the last 24 hours!

Here is the one from last season!

Pretty impressive, huh?!?!

By the way, we’ve been getting more and more requests coming out of the D.C. area inquiring about Wisp Resort. We’ve been bragging on these guys for years now! McHenry, Maryland, Deep Creek Lake, Garrett County and Wisp Resort offer something different than you’ll find at other ski areas. Of course that is the case at every ski area. Those differences is WHY you should visit each and every one of them.

In the case of Wisp, they have a small resort feel to everything, with a “luxury twist” for those who want that – and yet there is something for every budget at this great resort. The Deep Creek Lake community is just something to be experienced from all of their awesome vacation rentals companies, to dining, shopping and more. Deep Creek Lake itself is also awesome during all four seasons and summers are their busiest time of year, but during the winter, the lake serves as a gorgeous backdrop to the mountain above it.

Visit for more information and to plan a visit!

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