Snowmaking Temperatures May Finally Arrive!!

Much to our dismay, ski areas in the Southeast and mid-Atlantic are still closed. Continuing mild temperatures stand in the way of snowmaking and natural snow alike. Mild temperatures will stick around this weekend, but looking a little further out towards the great Day of Thanks, we may finally see some snowmaking-friendly weather!

Check out the forecast by area…

West Virginia Ski Areas / Maryland

Monday: Hi 57° Lo 43° Partly Cloudy
Tuesday: Hi 57° Lo 42° Showers
Wednesday: Hi 54° Lo 41° Showers
Thursday: Hi 44° Lo 21° Rain/Snow Showers
Friday: Hi 37° Lo 23° Sunny

The week may start of slow, so to speak, but as Turkey Day approaches, evening temperatures will dip into the 20’s, making for prime time snowmaking temperatures. As for looking a little further out, the weekend following Thanksgiving shows continuing cold temperatures with lows holding steady in the 20’s.

Virginia Ski Areas Forecast (Based on Wintergreen)

Monday: Hi 66° Lo 45° Partly Cloudy
Tuesday: Hi 59° Lo 46° Partly Cloudy
Wednesday: Hi 63° Lo 47° Showers
Thursday: Hi 57° Lo 29° Showers
Friday: Hi 50° Lo 29° Sunny

This weekend will be partly cloudy with very mild November temperatures reaching into the lower 60’s and holding steady in the mid-40’s in the evenings. Temperatures will remain mild through the first part of the week, but as Thanksgiving approaches, evening temperatures will dip into the upper 20’s. With showers forecast we may see a little bit of snow!

North Carolina Ski Areas Forecast (Based on Sugar Mountain)

Monday: Hi 59° Lo 40° Partly Cloudy
Tuesday: Hi 62° Lo 45° Showers
Wednesday: Hi 63° Lo 46° Showers
Thursday: Hi 53° Lo 23° Showers
Friday: Hi 45° Lo 25° Sunny

Warm-ish weather continues around the High Country. This weekend highs will reach into the 60’s and will continue into next week. Showers will creep into the area Monday and will stick around for a few days. But, with Thanksgiving Day comes cold temperatures. Nighttime lows will settle into the mid 20’s. Looks like the skiing weather is finally going to show up! Cold weather continues next weekend.

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