Storms for the End of the Work Week

Well, it’s been another hot week out there.  Yesterday was worse in that the humidity was noticeably higher.  I played tennis yesterday afternoon and I was sweating bullets after only a couple minutes of running around. 

You can expect the humid, warm weather to continue for today and tomorrow.  With the sunshine we’re seeing this morning, temperatures will warm up quickly today.  The combination of daytime heating and moist air will provide the perfect fuel for another afternoon of thunderstorms and showers.  Like the past couple of days, some areas will see the bottom fall out, and others will not see any precipitation at all.  For example, it hasn’t rained a drop at my place in Foscoe this week while Boone has seen a couple of heavy downpours.

Tomorrow will be very similar to today.  Thunderstorm potential is somewhat lower, but temperatures and humidity will be high once again so scattered thunderstorms are a good bet.

Now to the good news.  A cold front will pass through the region on Sunday.  Once it crosses the area, we will be in a cooler, drier air mass.  As a result, Monday and Tuesday will only see high temperatures top out in the mid to upper 70’s and humidity will be much lower.  Now that’s the type of summer weather I was hoping for in the mountains!

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