Storms Tonight NC 4-11-13

Warm temperatures persist again today, but clouds will be on the increase this afternoon ahead of an approaching cold front.  This front has been producing some interesting weather across the central portion over the past few days and it will bring strong storms into our neck of the woods.  Scattered showers and storms are possible late this afternoon, but the heaviest rain and more severe storms move through overnight.  I suspect the storms will be waking up a lot of people in the middle of the night.

The front will cross through the region overnight/very early tomorrow morning.  Showers and thunderstorms should taper off by midday for the most part and then we’ll see a decrease in cloud cover, maybe even some sunshine.  Temperatures will be noticeably cooler than in recent days.

This event is going to be a good soaker.  The WPC basically has the entire region in the 1-2″ range, but there will probably be some locations that see more than that.

Once we get through the next 24 hours, then a fantastic weekend awaits us!  High pressure moves back in and sunshine will dominate.  However, temperatures will still be relatively cool, at least compared to the past few days.

Unfortunately, it now looks like a disturbance to our south will bring cloud cover and scattered light showers back into play for Monday.

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