Summertime and the Livin’s Easy…

You can’t ask for better summertime weather than what we had yesterday.  I was up at Beech Mountain installing a new web cam, and it was absolutely gorgeous.  At points, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  Today and tomorrow will be much of the same, albeit with warmer temperatures and humidity levels.

High pressure currently sits over the eastern Ohio River Valley region.  Wind flow around the high has been providing us with a very pleasant northerly breeze.  That will continue today, but unfortunately things will change tomorrow.  As the high moves off to the east, wind flow changes to a more southerly direction.  Very warm, humid air once again will enter the region.  Temperatures tomorrow will be well above normal.  

Above normal temperatures continue for Sunday.  Temperatures will be in the mid 80’s for the lower lying elevations.  It could be worse, I’ll be in Charlotte where the high on Sunday is 96.  Afternoon cloud cover thickens and isolated showers/thunderstorms are possible as both daytime heating increases instability and a front approaches from the north.

The front will move into the region on Monday, before stalling out in our vicinity.  Warm temperatures will continue for the first half of next week, but it looks like we’ll see unsettled weather each day. 

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