The First Day of Fall…Will be Wet

Fall officially began early this morning.  Unfortunately, the first day of the new season is a pretty crummy one.  This whole week hasn’t been the greatest in terms of weather.  At least those ski resort ponds have been getting filled!

Showers started last night and have continued into this morning.  A cold front extending from New York to Louisiana is the culprit.  It will slowly approach the region today before moving through overnight or early tomorrow.  The rain will continue through the early afternoon hours but then should taper off for the most part, although scattered showers will linger.  Cloud cover will remain all day though.

Behind the front, temperatures tomorrow won’t really be all that much cooler.  Dewpoints will be though, so it will be noticeably less humid.

A cutoff low will linger over the Ohio River Valley/Great Lakes region into the first part of next week.  As a result, the slight chance of scattered showers/thunderstorms exists for the weekend.  However, we will finally see some sunshine each day.  Sunday in particular looks to be pretty promising.  Another cold front moves into the region on Monday though.

Enjoy the first weekend of fall everyone!      

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