The Heat is Here to Stay for Awhile

Well, if you enjoy hot weather like we’ve had lately, you’re in luck.  Like I mentioned the other day, the models are indicating this warm trend to continue for at least the next few weeks.  This is going to be a short forecast discussion today because well, there isn’t too much going on right now.

High pressure remains in control.  Date specific high temperature records have been broken each day this week.  Temperatures will remain abnormally warm through the weekend with the ever so slight chance of an isolated shower/thunderstorm or two on Sunday as a weak front moves through the region.  I’m not expecting any precipitation for our area.  The first half of next week will continue to be hot and dry.

As if things weren’t opressive enough, wind flow turns to a more southerly direction for the latter portion of next week.  This means in addition to the heat, humidity will be much higher.  Thunderstorm potential increases as well so at least we might be able to get some needed rainfall. 

It could be worse folks.  Down in Charlotte, my girlfriend has been complaining about mid to upper 90 degree temperatures all week.  The mid 80’s would be a welcome relief for her!   

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