Unsettled Weather Continues…for Awhile

Well, not much has changed since yesterday in terms of the large scale weather setup.  The same stationary front is draped across the Ohio River Valley down into the southern Appalachians.  The upper level ridge remains in place across the eastern portion of the country as well.  Both features are going to shift to the east today and make way for our next weather system.  For today though, scattered late afternoon showers/thunderstorms are possible.  Unless we see a good amount of heating today, I’m thinking today will be like yesterday where most everybody stays dry.  The chance for a rogue storm is there though.  Temperatures will be 10 degrees above normal once again today, and humidity will be high.

Tomorrow will be a transition day, as the stationary front and upper level ridge will begin to move out of the region.  Daytime heating combined with an influx of moist air is expected to produce numerous afternoon showers and thunderstorms.  Temperatures will once again be well above normal.

By Saturday, a cold front associated with a strong system will sweep through the region.  This system is going to be comprised of both a surface and upper level low.  Showers and thunderstorms will continue and temperatures will be 5-7 degrees cooler than today and tomorrow.  In fact, unsettled weather associated with this system will plague the area into Tuesday of next week, with showers and thunderstorms possible each day.  Temperatures will be cooler, but will actually be around average for this time of year.


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