Warm and Humid

You can’t ask for a better morning to start the work week.  I drove up from Charlotte this morning and I never get tired of seeing the mountains basking in the morning sunshine.  I decided to take Shulls Mill and it made for a great final leg of the drive into town this morning.  I love winter and the snow, but it is nice to see all of the vegetation coming back to life.

Today is going to feel like summer.  A huge ridge of high pressure off the southeastern U.S. coast is creating a southerly flow of winds into the region.  Warm, and very moist air is being transported into the region.  High temperatures today are going to get into the mid to upper 70’s, but the humidity will make it feel even warmer.  This daytime heating combined with slightly cooler air aloft and topographical forcing means that we will see isolated showers and thunderstorms beginning late this afternooon and lasting until midnight.  Some of these storms could be quite severe with very gusty winds and significant hail possible.  

The warm and moist southerly wind flow continues into tomorrow, meaning we’ll see afternoon showers and thunderstorms pop up once again.  Temperatures will be slightly cooler and showers and thunderstorms will be more widespread.

A cold front will approach the region from the west on Wednesday.  The first half of the day should be cloudy and dry for the most part.  Showers and thunderstorms will pick up in the afternoon, lasting into Thursday morning.  By the afternoon, we’ll see a clearing of the skies but temperatures will be much cooler.  Highs for Thursday and Friday will only reach the low to mid 60’s.

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