WV 2-22-12

A series of weak fronts will move through the region over the next 24 hours.  Clouds build throughout the day and rain showers commence later this afternoon, continuing overnight. 

Tomorrow sees spring-like weather as a warm, southwesterly wind flow dominates. We’re going to see very mild weather and an abundance of sunshine. If you’re ready for spring, then you’re going to love tomorrow as it’s going to be a preview of it.

A cold front will move through very early on Friday. Showers begin Thursday night and will continue into Friday morning.  Temperatures will fall throughout the day and a changeover to snow will occur for the northern portion of the state in the afternoon, while locations in the southern part of WV will see this happen overnight.   

Snow showers continue for the first part of the day on Saturday and breezy winds will be prevalent.  Things begin to clear out by the afternoon though, and by Sunday we should see a return to sunshine and temperatures will moderate nicely. 

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