You Gotta Love the Roller Coaster Weather NC 12-6-13

Roller coaster…that's the only way to describe the weather this week and over the next few days.  Here we go…

Unseasonably warm conditions persist today ahead of a cold front.  Temperatures will be running a good 15 or so degrees above average.  Additionally, scattered showers will exist today.  More widespread coverage arrives this evening and overnight as the cold front SLOWLY moves through.

Saturday will be much colder than today, 20 degrees in fact.  Any lingering precip in the morning should taper off by midday, but the clouds will stick around for the most part.

Saturday night is the beginning of a textbook CAD event.  High pressure will wedge down the eastern side of the Appalachians, bringing about an influx of colder, drier air.  At the same time, warm, moist air from the south will overrun the shallow layer of cold air at the surface.  What does all of this mean?  Freezing rain should develop Saturday night.  For areas in the western portion of the mountains, it should change to all rain Sunday morning.  However, the eastern slopes will stay much colder during the day and freezing rain is expected continue into the early evening before things warm up and it changes back to all rain.  It's going to be pretty crappy!

 A second cold front will move through Monday night,  Ahead of it, Sunday night and the first half of Monday will see a decent amount of rain.  Colder air filters in Monday night behind the front and we'll see a changeover to snow showers during the overnight hours.  Tuesday will be COLD and blustery with lingering light snow showers.  Only minimal accumulations for the usual favored locations are expected right now though.

Canadian high pressure will make for a sunny, albeit COLD Wednesday and Thursday.

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