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As we mention on other pages of this website, was the first dedicated weather website for the High Country area. We debuted our first weather website on our original AppNet domain name back in 1998, and then purchased the dedicated domain name of on February 23rd, 2000 and moved our small weather website to it’s permanent location. Most of the traffic to the site came from our partnership with, and The network of weather, live webcams and ski traffic generated 5,243,357 unique visitors in 2010 with an average of more than 445,196 visitors per month – every month of the year. In addition to these top trafficked websites, we also own and operate a high-trafficked network of vacation and tourism related website that create additional daily traffic to our clients.

Then in October of 2010 we debuted a brand new website that included 25 station locations across the Southeast and Mid Atlantic mountains. The site saw immediate success and an increase in traffic. By December 2010 the website had already enjoyed a 700% increase in traffic. In addition to working with some of the region’s top television meteorologists, we added Kenny Griffin, a recent Graduate of UNC Charlotte with a degree in meteorology, to our team. Kenny’s task is to continue the growth and outreach that we’ve started with


Due to our traffic and functionality, we have created advertising options that can be as simple as us adding a small text link to YOUR WEBSITE from ALL of our websites shown at for as little as $50 monthly.

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We can also create anchored text links (which are GREAT for Search Engine Ranking for your website) that include links and promotional descriptive information. These ads cost just $50 monthly to run exclusively on any ONE weather station location page that you desire. These ads link directly to your website and they WILL produce new visitors to your website. These ads rotate the order of display so that every advertiser gets equal billing.

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These ads draw more attention and include a login that will report the number of ad views and clickthroughs to your website. These ads are $100 monthly and can be changed periodically to promote new specials or whatever it is that you want to promote!

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If you have a business that is located within a mountain community of the Southeast and Mid Atlantic, we’d love to install a live weather station at your location. Costs are around $600 for the stations and installation can be done by most anyone. Installation costs would depend on your location proximity to us, etc. There are NO monthly costs to host the station and ad placement post the installation would be as little as $100 monthly. These ads are STATIC ads, meaning that ONLY YOUR AD would appear in this location, driving you more visitors to your website, etc.



We do offer a small number of Platinum Banner ads wherein your ad would appear on every website that we own, on ALL important pages, for one full year. In other words, your ad would appear on golf, ski, webcams, weather and all of our vacation websites for one full year. Call 828-963-7286 for a quote.

If you are interested in advertising, feel free to drop us an email at[email protected].

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