Cooler Weather Ahead for the High Country 9-7-12

After a foggy start to the day, sunny skies are already starting to appear across the region.  You can see this on our brand new Blowing Rock webcam!

High pressure will make for a pretty fantastic end of the work week.  Sunny skies and warm temperatures will make you think it’s July and not September.  With all of the daytime heating, an afternoon shower or two is possible.

Saturday will see increasing clouds throughout the day.  A strong cold front will push it’s way through the region during the late afternoon and evening hours.  Expect showers throughout the day.  Saturday night will see noticeably cooler temperatures behind the cold front as winds turn to a northwesterly direction.

High pressure builds back in on Sunday and the final day of the weekend will see a preview of fall as high temperatures are not expected to get out of the 60’s, even with sunny skies.  It will be noticeably less humid as well.

The first half of next week will see high pressure remain over the region.  Low temperatures at night will dip into the upper 40’s with sunshine and highs in the low 70’s during the day.  Bring on cooler weather!

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