Get Ready for Some Rain NC 5-3-13

Well, I'm going to be honest with you.  After today, we're going to be in a stretch of some crummy weather and today isn't even going to be that great.  Yesterday, it looked like the final day of the work week might be decent, but instead the southeasterly flow continues and we're seeing morning fog and drizzle again.  The afternoon should be dry but the clouds are going to stick around, with MAYBE a few intervals of sunshine.  Don't bet on it though.

If you like the weather in Seattle, you'll love the forecast for Saturday through Monday!  Cloudy, cool, damp conditions are the name of the game.  An omega block over the eastern US is currently keeping a cold front and upper level low at bay just off to our west.  Ahead of these two features, we'll continue to be in an area of moist southeasterly flow.  Fog, clouds, and showers will persist yet again tomorrow with temps remaining on the cool side, as in we won't get out of the lower 50's.

The frontal boundary and accompanying upper low finally break through and erode the east coast blocking pattern on Sunday and Monday.  Heavier rain arrives as these features push through the region and quite honestly, both days look like a great day to stay inside.  Showers continue into Tuesday but won't be as heavy.

Temperatures during this time period are going to be a good 10-12 degrees below normal and rainfall amounts look to be impressive.  Looking at the models yesterday morning I had a feeling this was going to be a soaker and that's the case.  The WPC has QPF totals for the region in the 2-4″ range.  Flooding is a good possibility.

The area of low pressure will exit on Wednesday and Thursday.  Temperatures will moderate to near normal levels and only a slight chance of afternoon showers will exist.

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