Hurricane Matthew Created this Photo Op

While the Atlantic coast recovers from some massive beach erosion, pier collapses, destructive flooding a more – it also created a beautiful and picturesque shot on the beach at North Myrtle Beach and Cherry Grove around sunset on Sunday evening. Bear in mind that the sun sets in the west, but this shot was taken by North Myrtle Beach homeowner, Colleen Comer as the sun setting sparked beautiful colors as they reflected on the remains of Hurricane Matthew which was way offshore but creating a canvas for the “light show”.

The sky’s colors were also reflected on the beach itself which was swept clean by the Hurricane that passed through on Friday and Saturday. From 4′-12′ of the dunes in the North Myrtle Beach area were cut away leaving some dramatic drops to the beachfront.

However on this particular Sunday evening, all that was put aside for a moment as this awe-inspiring, photo op was created.



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