Wintergreen Resort Supports Wounded Warriors

We recently covered the fact that Wintergreen was promoting their Wounded Warrior/Armed Forces Weekend this past weekend. However in reality EVERY DAY in Wounded Warrior Day at the Virginia based resort. They have three programs that are offered every day for wounded American servicemen and women. Those are:

Wounded Warrior instructor development
Every Day Is Wounded Warrior Day
Race development for the U.S. Paralympics Team.

Wintergreen Adaptive Sports is actually a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation and its mission is to improve the lives and well-being of people with disabilities through outdoor sports and recreation.

Tom Brown, who serves as executive director of Wintergreen Adaptive Sports was recently quoted as saying, “We’re excited to be able to grow and expand the outreach of our wounded warrior projects. With the large population of active and retired military in this region and the wonderful, multi-season recreation opportunities afforded at Wintergreen Resort, we’re able to expand our offerings and impact additional lives.”

In addition to skiing and snowboarding this time of year, they also offer instruction in kayaking, canoeing and golf. The primary focus is on having a fun and exciting time in the outdoors that can be shared with family and friends and their motto is, “From the top of our mountain, all you can see is possibility.”

Like Wounded Warrior projects that are in place nationwide, the end result is that our country’s soldiers and service people can find that although their bodies and psyche may be battered by war, they can discover that they can still be athletes and enjoy all things nature and the outdoors.

For more information about Wintergreen’s Adaptive Program call 434-325-2007.

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