A Nice Week Ahead After Today

Another Monday, another dreary start to the work week.  We’re seeing a lot of fog and accompanying showers across the region this morning.  Driving up from Charlotte this morning, visibility in some spots on 421 couldn’t have been more than 60 yards or so.  I could see the dark skies as I got closer and literally as soon as I started up the mountain it began to rain.

Right now we’re in a fairly warm, humid airmass.  Southeasterly winds are creating upslope flow, which is why we have dense cloud cover/fog and showers this morning.  These winds should shift to a more southwesterly direction throughout the morning, so by midday we should see some thinning of the cloud cover.  We might even see some intervals of sunshine.  However, a cold front is on it’s way from the west, so this break in the clouds will be short lived.  Scattered showers and thunderstorms will arrive by the late afternoon/early evening and should taper off by tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday look pretty nice as we’ll see a good amount of sunshine and near normal temperatures for this time of year.  Another front arrives Friday and this one is bringing some pretty chilly Canadian air with it.  Right now, it looks like we’ll have our first frost of the year this weekend!   

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