A Perfect Tuesday

What an absolutely beautiful morning it is across the High Country.  I left my door open last night and it was actually a little cool when I woke up this morning.  The rest of today is going to be just as nice as the morning, so hopefully you can get outside and enjoy it.

A frontal boundary is currently situated to our south.  The region will continue to enjoy very pleasant weather for today as we remain in a cooler, drier air mass which is controlled by high pressure.  High temperatures will generally be in the low to mid 70’s today.  The higher elevations won’t even get out of the 60’s today.  Now this is the summertime mountain weather I was looking forward to!

Enjoy the weather today, because Wednesday and Thursday will see unsettled weather return.  The warm front will move to the northeast, crossing the region Wednesday night.  While the first half of tomorrow will be pretty nice, you can expect cloud cover and the onset of showers/thunderstorms by the late afternoon and early evening hours.  Some of these storms could be quite severe so make sure to pay attention to the weather.

Cloudiness and scattered showers/thunderstorms will continue for Thursday.  We’ll see things clear up by Friday.  Unfortunately, a return to the same hot and humid weather pattern that has plagued the Southeast for the past few weeks is imminent.  Wind flow will once again be from a southerly direction, ushering in warm, moist air to the region.  Afternoon thunderstorm potential will be there each day as a result.  Temperatures will increase each day over the weekend, and by the beginning of next week highs will be in the mid 80’s again.  Like I said, enjoy today while you can!    

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