A Soggy Start to the Week, Clearing This Afternoon NC 10-7-13

Tropical Storm Andrea in the Gulf turned on to be a dud.  She completely dissipated before making landfall.  The ECWMF remains king!  The showers and storms this morning are associated with a strong cold front that is quickly pushing through the region.  The heaviest of precip is actually off to our east now and we should see improving conditions for the rest of the day.

High pressure sets up shop in the Northeast on Tuesday, creating a wedge setup that will keep temps on the cool side all week. A lot of locations won't get out of the 50's on Tuesday, even with an abundance of sunshine.

Wednesday will see continued pleasant conditions with temps bumped up a few degrees from Tuesday.

Thursday now looks like the day we'll see some effects from the ghost of Karen.  She'll be off the east coast, so expect a lot of clouds and maybe even a shower or two.

The final few days of the week look fantastic.  Seasonal temperatures and plenty of sunshine will make for a pleasant Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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