Major Arctic Blast of Cold Weather Headed to the Mountains!

Highs in the TEENS and lows in the SINGLE DIGITS headed our way!

The ski mountain communities of the Southeast and mid-Atlantic have ALL been patiently waiting for some consistent cold air to infiltrate the mountains and allow snowmaking crews to do their thing. Some ski areas have yet to make ANY snow on the slopes, while others have been going at it every opportunity.

Thankfully every ski area could/should be cranking up every piece of snowmaking equipment beginning sometime Thursday of next week. As it looks right now the frigid system will be creating temperatures that will be 20-25 degrees colder than normal for this time of year.

We seeing chances of highs around 15-16° and lows around 10° at Snowshoe, Beech and some of the higher elevations. Highs should dip into the teens around Winterplace Resort in Ghent, WV with lows around 12°.

Those kind of temps is JUST what the mountain ops crews have been waiting for. You will not believe just how quickly the ski resorts will transform their slopes from grassy knolls to snow bases in the 20-30″ range with those temps.

We are also seeing some snow in the forecast but it’s too early to tell from what we are seeing.

Meteorologist Brad Panovich is Back…

2016-12-04-brad-panovichWhen I caught a glimpse of the cold air headed our way I quickly texted Brad to insure that he was on board as our Official Meteorologist again this year. He quickly texted, “Sure and this could be one of the BEST starts to the season in a while with this pattern!”

From your lips to God’s ear Brad!

Brad will be updating us this week and twice a week to provide his experienced view of what we should expect at ALL of the ski resorts throughout the season.

Stay tuned….

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