Showers and Thunderstorms This Afternoon NC 4-24-13

Clouds are starting to make their way into the region as a cold front is approaching from the west.  The front is expected to weaken some as it gets closer but showers are still expected this afternoon, lasting into the early nighttime hours.  A stray thunderstorm isn't out of the question either.

High pressure moves in after the frontal passage.  Tomorrow and Friday look rather nice, with an abundance of sunshine but temps will be on the cool side.  A frost event looks like a good bet for a lot of folks tomorrow night.  Some locations in the valleys might even hit the freezing mark.

Unfortunately, the weekend doesn't look that great.  A disturbance will move from the southern Plains into Tennessee.  Very cool temperatures and on again/off again showers are expected on Saturday and Sunday.  Bummer.

At this time, it looks like precip associated with this disturbance will continue into Monday.  There's not a lot of confidence with this forecast though.

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