It’s Feelin Hot Hot HOT!

Summer hasn’t even officially arrived, but it already feels like August.  Several records were broken across the region yesterday as temperatures soared into the mid to upper 80’s across the High Country.  It hit 90 degrees in Asheville yesterday!  More of the same is in store for the week ahead, with the next couple of days actually being warmer than the past few.

The Bermuda High, typical of July and August, has already set up shop off the Southeastern US coast.  As a result, southerly winds are bringing an influx of VERY warm and humid air into the region.  Today and tomorrow will feature temperatures in the upper 80’s for the valleys and low 80’s for higher elevations.  Records will be broken and isolated showers and thunderstorms are possible each day through Thursday, but tomorrow is our best bet to see any precipitation as a cool front slides down from the north late in the day.  I say cool front because temperatures behind it will only be a few degrees cooler on Thursday and Friday.

The weekend sees a return to the upper 80’s as the Bermuda High once again takes control of our weather.  Abnormally hot weather continues through at least the first part of next week.  There is a possibility that Boone will set new record highs each day this week which is just incredible to think about.  As hot as it will be up here, I’m glad I won’t be in Charlotte this week where temperatures will rise into the upper 90’s!       

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