What A Rollercoaster Week

The next week or so looks to be a complete 180 from this past week.  We’re gonna see a return to sunshine and warm temperatures as high pressure is going to dominate our weather for the next week or so. 

Honestly, there’s not too much to talk about.  Southwesterly wind flow associated with the high will persist over the next week, ushering in warmer air.  From now through the latter part of next week, we’ll see very warm temperatures.  Highs will be summeresque and we’ll see lots of sunshine.  Beginning on Sunday, there is a chance everyday of a late afternoon shower or thunderstorm.  This is pretty typical though of summer weather due to intense heating and topographical forcing.

Like I said, there’s not a lot to talk about over the next week so I kept it short.  Enjoy the weekend and the beautiful weather!

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